Posted on: June 13, 2008 12:15 pm
Edited on: August 19, 2008 1:36 am

Favorite Baseball Cards of all-time

  • 10. Kent Tekulve - 1986 Topps
  • 9. Darryl Strawberry - 1987 Topps
  • 8. Glen Hubbard - 1984 Fleer (w/ snake)
  • 7. Jose Canseco - 1986 Donruss
  • 6. Nolan Ryan / Jerry Koosman - 1968 Topps
  • 5. Mickey Hatcher - 1986 Fleer ( w/ big baseball glove)
  • 4. Mickey Mantle / Willie Mays - 1962 Topps 'Managers Dream'
  • 3. Bo Jackson - 1990 Score ' Football/Baseball'
  • 2. Billy Ripken - 1989 Fleer (Uckface-Fey)
  • 1. Ken Griffey Jr. - 1989 Upperdeck

Coming in at # 10 is the great Kent Tekulve. I'm not sure if Sylvester Stallone ever admitted that he stole this look for Cobra, and even if he didnt, he could never own those aviator glass like Kent did. Darryl at # 9 is just a great looking card. I'm not sure I really knew who Strawberry was back then, but I liked the name and the card was perfect. I cant talk or write about # 8 at all. Jose 'Stache' Canseco at # 7 was THE card to have back in 88. If you didnt have this card then you were not a baseball card collector. A card we all would like to have had but couldn't afford at $1000.00, was this gem at # 6. Well, except for that kid who tricked that baseball card shop owners wife into giving it to him for either 1.00 or 10.00, because 1000.00 couldnt be right....hilarious true story.

At # 5 is the Big Glove card of Mickey Hatcher. At the time, I thought it was perfectly legal to own and use that giant glove in any kind of organized baseball league. I went after the # 4 card after falling in love with those old 1950's HomeRun Derby shows that used to come on ESPN back in 1988-1989. My boy Timmy and I used to run home from Junior high to catch them. # 3 falls into that whole Bo Knows Bo phase. I though this card would be worth a million dollars someday. # 2 was a tragedy for all human beings. I remember there were churces trying to sue Fleer because there were children with there hands on a baseball card with that awful curse word. I never owned the Uckfacefey version of that card but I did have the blackbox and the cut out.

# 1 needs no words. When 1989 Upperdeck came out it changed everything about collecting. I got my Griffey Jr 1989 Upperdeck card in 1990 at the Sheraton Inn, in Texarkana Texas. Up to that point it was the best $90.00 I had ever spent in my life. It was tagged at $100 but all I had was 90 and the guy took it.


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